Educational Mentoring

$100+GST per hour 1:1

Educational Mentoring is more than tutoring – We will certainly support the learning and understanding of concepts and skills in the classroom, but we also work with your student to be a sounding board, someone to give insight into the school system and help keep your young person accountable.

There is no such thing as a typical ‘session’ with us – all sessions are student directed based on their individual needs.

In any session;

  • We may have an informal chat or discussion, reflecting on the week that was or what is to come;
  • We might work through social issues;
  • We can craft email drafts so that your student can advocate for themselves with their teachers;
  • We will work on an assessment that they are struggling to start;
  • We could create planners;
  • We sometimes play games that focus on vocabulary building;
  • We often meander down the rabbit hole of ‘what if’ and ‘why do you think’ questions that arise;
  • We are always guided by what each student needs at that particular point in their learning journey.

While traditional ‘tutoring’ may have the goal of taking your ‘A’ grade student and move them to an ‘A+’ this is never the focus during our sessions. Can this happen as a result of sessions with Emergence, of course, but as a parent you need to understand this is never our goal – rather sometimes just a happy coincidence of a confident, resilient young person who has been able to learn how to learn.
(If this is the goal for your child, please still reach out, after many years working in schools there is a very strong chance that we can refer you to someone excellent who has a much more streamline academic focus to their tutoring)

We want to help your young person navigate the challenges of school in a wholistic manner, while supporting you and your family to understand what the school may expect of you and your young person.

Kintara’s academic areas of expertise are English and Literature include VCE.
Emily’s academic areas of expertise are VCE and IB Psychology, Humanities 7-10 and 7-10 English with experience in both MYP, DP, VicCurric and AusCurric.

Please note, we see working with your young people as a long-term relationship building process. Places are limited and booked on a term basis.