What we do

Elevate Educational Excellence:
We partner with schools and educators to conduct professional audits and training that enhance gifted and literacy education outcomes.

Empower Families:
We help families navigate the educational landscape by advocating for realistic and achievable Individual Learning Plans for their children in school settings.

Enrich Student Lives:
We provide exclusive 1:1 and small group mentoring sessions focused on both academic achievement and essential skills for effective study and lifelong learning.

🌟 Gifted and 2e Education:
Our work is fuelled by an unwavering passion for nurturing extraordinary minds to reach their fullest potential. We support all students but do have staff that have lived and professional expertise supporting gifted and 2e learners.


Professional Development

We work with schools and teachers providing professional learning that can audit and improve gifted education outcomes in your school.

Family Support

We work with families to help advocate for the development of realistic and achievable Individual Learning Plans in school settings.

Student Support and Mentoring

We offer limited 1:1 and small group mentoring for students that supports not only academic progress but skill building in how to study and learn.

What we know to be true

When we know better, we can do better.
Let us help you develop a plan to do better for the children in your life.

All children have different learning needs and a right to have these met.

Teachers want to do their best for all of their students, but can need support in doing this.

Parents often need help to advocate for their child in their school setting.

Why work with us?

  • More than 20 years of hands on classroom teaching experience in a wide range of Government, Independent, Catholic and Special Needs schools.
  • Experience working in Higher Education settings with pre-service teachers.
  • Masters degree in gifted education.
  • Currently completing Psychology degree.
  • Graduate Certificate in Child, Youth & Family Therapy.
  • Knowledgeable and engaging speakers.
  • Understands how the school system works, what can and cannot be accommodated and achieved.
  • Appreciates the demands already placed on teachers and supports a work smarter, not harder approach.

“Thank you again”

 I have been quoting you throughout our coaching conversations so it’s exciting to be back in touch and planning to work together again.

Educational Coach


Kintara has connected with him in a way that other educators have not been able to. He thoroughly looks forward to their sessions together.

1:1 Mentor Parent

“Warm & Entertaining”

She presents with a warm and entertaining demeanor, with the perfect balance of professionalism and personality.

PL Attendee